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The definition of my life.

OMG, it’s been forever. I was blogging more on tumblr for a while. WOW, the calendar on the right is so emptyy. BUT, anyways, WELCOME BACK! I’ll try to use this too, and write similar content that’s on my tumblr. Personally, I like tumblr better. It’s much easier to add or reblog photos. They make it much easier, especially for people with a brain like mine. For school though, it isn’t my number one choice. I think that it’s harder because you need to add in a lot of things on the blog, like a tag cloud and everything else…. POOP.



I have so much to write, but I have to sleep early this week. High school has caught up with me. I have too much homework and no time for blogging. If only I could blog all day.

I forgot to write yesterday and I won’t write a lot today. I’ll update on everything that happened at MUN for the next three days. STAY TUNED!



MGP was interesting. Although it was hard because I procrastinated and crammed throughout the week, it felt good to be done. For months now, we’ve only worked on MGP. I think what I regret the most is that it wasn’t exactly what I was extremely confident in or loved. I did Bill Gates. Even though he is someone that I really look up to, I don’t think that this project was my best work. It wasn’t something that I am completely proud about. For me, my strength is in creating projects. for previous projects, I have created a scrapbook, a humungous clock for my family project, and a huge book. Although I am not artistic, I really love doing art projects, like crafting. Painting definitely isn’t my forte. I think in the end, MGP was interesting, but not something that I really liked to do. I tried really hard though. Even if my grade comes out bad, I have no regrets. There’s nothing else that I can do, other than edit my writing. My research paper wasn’t that good, I guess. I cut out a lot of information because it was way too long. If I was to do it again? I would probably pass.

Now goodbye small posts, hello again long posts!


MGP3: Dying.

I forgot again. MGP is finally coming along. Only problem is MGP 3.

MUn just killed me. My brain is completely dead. Jung saved me from most of the trouble. He’s my hero! I had so much to say, but itouch typing is really annoying. Can’t say much!